Fortnite review


Fortnite review

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Did you want a good survival game with something more than just running and shooting? These years you have it. Fortnite is a sensational game that now is available on Android and iOS.

Gameplay 10/10

Battle Royale is an allusion to the Japanese action movie with the same name, picturing a dog-eat-dog battle with only one survivor. So it is in this game. The group of a hundred players gets deployed on an island, and they must fight to kill each other, with no respawn, till there’s only one left. You can’t stay away from the battlefield, as a killing storm is covering the island, driving all survivors together to a small spot.

You find your weapons, ammunition, and medicines right in the buildings on the island. To survive, you’ll also need to do some building. Wood, stone, and metal can be obtained by destroying literally anything. The environment is highly interactive.

One of the revolutionary innovations is incredible equality of the players, with skill the only difference. No weapon can be brought to the island from the outside, and no upgrade is gained through long successful playing. All you can buy for money is a unique appearance, but it’s enough for many.

Visuals 9/10

It could have been a bit more natural, we understand. But, first, the publisher positions the game as an arcade survival, and this genre implies a bit of convention. The developers managed to create a very rich and large world with various adventurous locations, a set of biomes, varying landscape, and fully interactive environment. And yet characters are drawn quite naturally, though a bit simplified. You won’t confuse scenes from Fortnite to a motion picture (like one can with, say, Red Dead Redemption II), but it’s drawn well enough to keep its immersion high.

Play Play Repeat 10/10

This game is very sporty, and that’s the key. Each time it defines the best out of a hundred players; what else does it take to make you want to play it again, regardless of the winner? And even if once you may find it too dull to replay it all over, the developers always have an ace in the sleeve. Each new seasons brings new weapons, locations, appearance innovations, new building features, vehicles, a bit of rebalancing if necessary. It all revamps the impression completely, it’s like you’re playing in a sequel of your favorite movie. Though the setting is the same, the characters have changed a bit, even those you know have grown older and unveiled more of their layers. As long as Fortnite is supported like this, it will be fun.

Controls 10/10

The best way of getting new players involved is to offer them something easy to master, based on their previous experience. Fortnite is exactly that type. Most mobile action games utilize the same control mechanics: the right side of the screen responsible for camera movement, a virtual joystick in the left lower corner moves your character, and some semitransparent buttons are on the screen for hiding, jumping, shooting, and so on.

If you want more, you can enhance your experience with special controllers or full gamepads that have become especially popular with the success of Fortnite and its analogs. Android users can purchase some at under $10; iPhone or iPad owners will have to spend more money as they will need an MFi-certified gamepad. But they should feel lucky now, as this feature was only introduced in late January 2019.

The Verdict

Due to its popularity and support for all platforms, Fortnite servers won’t get empty for long. It’s a great game both for casual players and for those mastering new skills. Action fans may be already fed up with it, but if you’re not, welcome to the island!


  • Great mechanics with a simple idea
  • Combination of destruction and construction
  • Equal start for all
  • Constant updates
  • All popular platforms supported.


  • The game is too arcade for hardcore players
  • More and more alternatives appear
  • Controller support is limited.


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